yahoo 買下del.icio.us

yahoo買下del.icio.us 這家公司,看來yahoo對於社交網路很用心的在經營呀,我想過陣子我的yahoo帳號密碼也可以使用del.icio.us的服務了! 想像flickr結合del.icio.us會創造怎樣的服務勒?
Great Tastes That Go Great Together

I've been a big fan of del.icio.us, the social bookmarking service Joshua Schachter created, for quite a while now. So much so that when Dave Taylor recently asked for "experts" to help explain What's so cool about del.icio.us?, I was glad to masquerade as an expert.

If you've heard about del.icio.us but never tried it or weren't quite sure what to make of it, read that article. I think it helps to demystify the cult-like following that many of us are part of.

The last question Dave asked during that interview was:

And so, is Yahoo interested in buying delicious and integrating it into the Yahoo offerings? :-)

I'd like to change the non-committal answer I gave to this: "Yes! And as of today, del.icio.us is part of the Yahoo! family."

As Joshua writes, the del.icio.us team will soon be working in close proximity to their fraternal twin, Flickr. And just like we've done with Flickr, we plan to give del.icio.us the resources, support, and room it needs to continue growing the service and community. Finally, don't be surprised if you see My Web and del.icio.us borrow a few ideas from each other in the future.

Welcome aboard!

Jeremy Zawodny
Yahoo! Search