Msnlib 及 msn text 介面

* 這是一個Python的程式主要是為 MSN Messenger 8的通訊協定 。
* 這個其實是一個函示庫(msnlib) ,which uses a non-blocking callback scheme. 包含在這個函示庫中有一支文字模式的客戶端程式 msn ,其中類似於 mirc 的介面。


* 請參考 http://blitiri.com.ar/p/msnlib/

wget http://blitiri.com.ar/p/msnlib/files/3.6/msnlib-3.6.tar.gz

* 切換成 root 權限解開套件,並執行 install 安裝

[root@mt msnlib-3.6]# ./install

* 先設定你的 msn帳號,他會問你的帳號及密碼並將他存放在下列兩個地方

Creating the directory hierachy (/home/mtchang/.msn)
Creating the configuration file (/home/mtchang/.msn/msnrc)

* 執行 msn setup


* 啟動 msn

[mtchang@mt msnlib-3.6]$ msn
* MSN Client (3.6) *
Loading config... done
Logging in... done
Sending user list request... done
Status set to online
07:41:18PM *9milHIKIKOMORI is idle
07:41:18PM 天威 is busy
07:41:18PM *help<蟲*red+u is away
07:41:18PM *sierra ♬ Ebom 。 坐看雲起時。 ♡〞

* 提示符號為 [msn]
* ? 可以顯示目前的指令說明

[msn] ?
Command list:
status [mode]   Shows the current status, or changes it to "mode", which can
                be one of: online away busy brb phone lunch invisible idle
q               Quits the program
w               Prints your entire contact list
ww              Prints your entire contact list, including email addresses
wn              Prints your entire contact list, including real nicks
wr              Prints your reverse contact list
wd              Prints the differences between your forward and reverse lists
e               Prints your online contacts
ee              Prints your online contacts, including email addresses
eg              Prints your online contacts with the groups
en              Prints your online contacts, including real nicks
h               Shows your incoming message history
add e [n] [g]   Adds the user "e" with the nick "n" to the group "g"
del nick        Deletes the user with nick "nick"
ren nick new    Renames the user with nick "nick" to appear as "new"
lignore [nick]  Locally ignores the user, or display the locally ignored users
lunignore nick  Removes a user from the locally ignored users list
block nick      Blocks a user
unblock nick    Unblocks a blocked user
g               Shows the group list
gadd gname      Adds the group "gname"
gdel gname      Deletes the group "gname". Note that all the users in the
                group will be deleted too.
gren old new    Renames the group "old" with the name "new"
color [theme]   Shows or set the color theme to "theme"
close nick      Closes the switchboard connection with "nick"
config          Shows the configuration
info [nick]     Shows the user information and pending messages (if any),
                or our personal info
nick [newnick]  Changes your nick to "newnick" or shows own nick
privacy p a     Sets whether accept messages from people not on your list (p)
                and require authorization (a)
m nick text     Sends a message to "nick" with the "text"
a text          Sends a message to the last person you sent a message to
r text          Sends a message to the last person that sent you a message
invite u1 to u2 Invites u1 into the chat with u2

In most cases, where you are asked for a nick, you can alternatively enter the
email.  This makes it easier to handle people with weird or long nicks.

* 看線上好友包含email

[msn] ee

* 送訊息: m 對方email帳號 訊息內容

[msn] m ssssssss@hotmail.com hello
Message for ssssssss@hotmail.com queued for delivery
Flushing messages for ssssssss@hotmail.com:
07:45:56PM ssssssss@hotmail.com >>> hello

* msnlib 官方網站 http://blitiri.com.ar/p/msnlib/
* I'MFish 這是一套以msnlib為基礎的GUI介面水族缸程式,把你的msn上面的使用者當成魚在水族缸講話。
* [mrcoffee] is an MSN bot used to notify the office about coffee in progress.
* ichatbot is 一個MSN 機器人
* 清華大學資訊系黃能富教授 msn 分析 9 ver
* 寫得很多的 msn 分析,但是舊版的..
* 微軟的套件開發的msn robot
* http://phorum.study-area.org/index.php/topic,44854.0/topicseen.html 一個 php 發 msn 的程式
* 網站 http://blog.teatime.com.tw/1/post/200